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Many Voices, One Nation - Various Artists

Many Voices, One Nation - Various Artists

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Many Voices, One Nation started with a 2019 collaboration between Ffotogallery and the Senedd which marked 20 years of devolution in Wales. Six of the artist
photographers included here were commissioned by the Senedd from an open call
to make new work for a touring exhibition which sought to capture the richness and diversity of Wales’ geography, culture and society, and encourage public
participation and audience engagement. It was important that the voices and stories represented in the first exhibition came from across Wales, reflecting both urban and rural experience, intergenerational perspectives and ultimately an optimistic view of the nation’s prospects.

As the momentous events of 2020 played out, Many Voices, One Nation gained a
new significance as dealing with the challenges of the global pandemic conflated
with the anger and frustration of those campaigning for social justice, human rights and equalities around the world. It was clear to Ffotogallery that we need to listen and give voice to those who feel marginalised and excluded. We needed to do more to build trust amongst those who may feel the door is closed on them in terms of opportunity. Many Voices, One Nation seemed to offer the right platform for this.

During Lockdown in 2020, Ffotogallery invited photography professionals from
around Wales to nominate photographers, students and artists whose work offers
insights into contemporary life and represents the breadth of Welsh talent that
deserves wider exposure. Twelve artists were selected for inclusion in the second
Many Voices, One Nation exhibition and their work is also included here, alongside
two other ground-breaking projects by Wales-based photographers.

This publication bring together all twenty of the artists included in the project thus far, celebrating their work and outlooks on the Wales we live in.

Artist (s): Abby Poulson, Antonia Osuji, Cynthia MaiWa Sitei, Ed Brydon, Ethan Beswick, Huw Alden Davie, Jack Osbourne, James Hudson, Jo Haycock, John Manley, Jon Pountney, Kaz Alexander, Luce + Harry, Lucy Purrington, Matthew Eynon, Michal Iwanowski, Mohamed Hassan, Nik Roche, Robert Law, Zillah Bowes
Author (s): David Drake
ISBN: 978-1-872771-29-8
Format: Soft cover